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  • You are a division manager for a regional hearing-aid company in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Your sales managers travel frequently to some of the offices in the western region\n\nEX16\\_XL\\_CH01\\_GRADER\\_CAP\\_HW - Travel Expenses 1.2\n\nProject Description:\n\nYou are a division manager for a regional hearing-aid company in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Your sales managers travel frequently to some of the offices in the western region. You need to create a travel expense report for your managers to use to record their budgeted and actual expenses for their travel reports. The draft report contains a title, input areas, and a detailed expense area.\n\nInstructions:\n\nFor the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:\n\nStep\n\nInstructions\n\nPoints Possible\n\n1\n\nStart Excel. Download and open the file named e01\\_grader\\_h1.xlsx.\n\n0.000\n\n2\n\nMerge and center the Travel Expense Report title in the range A1:E1.\n\n3.000\n\n3\n\nEnter a formula in cell E5 that calculates the number of days between the return date and the departure date.\n\n4.000\n\n4\n\nEnter the amount budgeted for Mileage to/from Airport in cell B12. The amount is based on the Mileage Rate to/from Airport and the Roundtrip Miles to Airport located in the Standard Inputs section.\n\n4.000\n\n5\n\nEnter the amount budgeted for Airport Parking in cell B13. Use the Airport Parking Daily Rate and the number of total days traveling (the \\# of Nights+1) to include both the departure and return dates. For example, if a person departs on June 1 and returns on June 5, the total number of nights at a hotel is 4, but the total number of days the vehicle is parked at the airport is 5.\n\n5.000\n\n6\n\nEnter the amount budgeted for Hotel Accommodations in cell B17. This amount is based on the \\# of Nights, the Hotel Rate/Night, and the Hotel Tax Rate. In parentheses add the Hotel Tax Rate to 1 to equal 118% percent before multiplying.\n\n5.000\n\n7\n\nEnter the amount budgeted for Meals in cell B18. This amount is based on the Daily Meal Allowance and the total travel days (\\# of Nights+1).\n\n5.000\n\n8\n\nEnter the difference between the Actual and Budget in cell D12. Copy the formula to the range D13:19. Delete the formula in cell D15. If the Actual expense is more than the Budget expense, the result is positive. If the Actual expense is less than the Budget expenses, the result is negative, indicating under budget.\n\n4.000\n\n9\n\nEnter the % of Budget in cell E12 by dividing the Actual expense by the Budget expense to indicate the percent of the budgeted amount used in that category. Copy the formula to the range D13:D19. Delete the formula in cell E15.\n\n3.000\n\n10\n\nInsert a new row 19. Type Other in cell A19. Bold the label.\n\n3.000\n\n11\n\nIndent twice the labels in the ranges A12:A14, A16:A18, and A20.\n\n5.000\n\n12\n\nApply Accounting Number Format to the ranges B12:D12 and B21:D21.\n\n5.000\n\n13\n\nApply Comma Style to the range B13:D20.\n\n4.000\n\n14\n\nApply Percent Style with one decimal place the range E12:E20.\n\n5.000\n\n15\n\nUnderline the range B20:D20. Do not use the border feature.\n\n3.000\n\n16\n\nApply the cell style Bad to cell D21 because the trip went over budget.\n\n5.000\n\n17\n\nSelect the range A10:E21 and apply Thick Outside Borders.\n\n5.000\n\n18\n\nSelect the range A10:E10 and apply Blue-Gray, Text 2, Lighter 80% fill color. Apply Center alignment and apply Wrap Text.\n\n12.000\n\n19\n\nSet a 1.5-inch top margin and select the margin setting to center the data horizontally on the page.\n\n10.000\n\n20\n\nInsert a footer with the text Exploring Series on the left side, the sheet name code in the center, and the file name code on the right side.\n\n10.000\n\n21\n\nSave the workbook. Close the workbook and then exit Excel. Submit the workbook as directed.\n\n0.000\n\nTotal Points\n\n100.000\n\n "},{"left":"","right":""},{"left":"","right":""},{"left":"","right":""}]

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