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  • Which of these properly identifies the role a function can play in implementing reliability improvement methodologies?

    http://assignment.store/which-of-these-properly-identifies-the-role-a-function-can-play-in-implementing-reliability-improvement-methodologies/\n\n3.Which of these properly identifies the role a function can play in implementing\n\nreliability improvement methodologies?\n\na. Marketing team providing feedback from customers about new product features they are seeking.\n\nb. HR team instituting a Six Sigma training program.\n\nc. Production team offering mass customization options through a flexible manufacturing technology.\n\nd. The leadership team models a commitment to customer focus. 7.As companies gain more experience producing their products, they are able to\n\nreduce unit costs because:\n\na. suppliers and distributors offer lower costs to more established companies.\n\nb. the combination of learning effects and economies of scale lead to more efficient manufacturing.\n\nc. they can charge more for their products as their brands become more established and well-known in the\n\nmarketplace.\n\nd. their equipment is more specialized to manufacture products reducing the cost structure. 15.Which of these companies is experiencing a benefit of tight cross-functional\n\nintegration in its innovation strategy?\n\na. A company has a 5% success rate on its R&D projects in comparison to a 25% average success rate in its\n\nindustry.\n\nb. A company's cycle time is three times longer than most of its competitors, resulting in it coming out with new\n\nproducts slower than its rivals.\n\nc. A company manages its R&D costs to shorten the length of time for return on investment in new products from\n\n1 year after launch to 6 months after launch.\n\nd. A company's newest product meets customer needs but is challenging to manufacture due to the complexity of\n\nits assembly process. 16. Which of these includes a strategy for improving quality as excellence?\n\na. A soap company conducts a market research survey to understand customer priorities when purchasing\n\nlaundry detergent.\n\nb. A machine company establishes a Six Sigma training program for its production team.\n\nc. A food company invests in a piece of equipment that cuts in half the amount of time required to make its core\n\nproduct.\n\nd. A quick-service restaurant implements a personality assessment for cashiers to rate their level of positivity and\n\nhires the most upbeat candidates for this role. 17. Customer responsiveness is an important differentiating attribute because:\n\na. it is rated and ranked by consumer news outlets.\n\nb. job candidates utilize it to determine if they will work for a company.\n\nc. it helps build brand loyalty and can give a company more pricing options.\n\nd. it is a measure of how much capital it takes for a company to turn its outputs into inputs. 18. A company CEO can help his or her organization improve through innovation\n\nby:\n\na. committing resources to copying competitors' innovations.\n\nb. ensuring that research and development is not performed by a single department, but instead has input from\n\nmultiple functional areas.\n\nc. investing in newer machinery that will have less down-time and require fewer repairs and lower maintenance\n\ncosts.\n\nd. directing the sales and marketing team to work alongside customers using the company's products and capture\n\ninformation about their experience. 19. A company can sometimes implement a strategy designed to improve one\n\nfactor of competitive advantage but also change another factor because:\n\na. the factors are often interrelated, and functional-level strategies can have a positive or negative impact on\n\neach other."},{"left":"","right":""},{"left":"","right":""},{"left":"","right":""}]

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