Where did the Fatimids Notes

  • Where did the Fatimids establish their new capital?.

    http://assignment.store/where-did-the-fatimids-establish-their-new-capital-1/\n\nQuestion 1 of 40\t2.5/ 2.5 PointsWhere did the Fatimids establish their new capital?\n\nA. Constantinople\n\nB. Cairo\n\nC. Damascus\n\nD. Baghdad\n\nQuestion 2 of 40\t0.0/ 2.5 PointsWhat 1st or 2nd century CE central Asian innovation proved to be most significant to the Mongol warriors?\n\nA. Kumiss\n\nB. The bow\n\nC. The stirrup\n\nD. Plated armor\n\nQuestion 3 of 40\t2.5/ 2.5 PointsThe Seljuks underwent what major transformation in taking over Persian lands?\n\nA. Conversion to Christianity\n\nB. Change to a settled way of life\n\nC. Abandonment of Turkish customs\n\nD. Replacing Turkish with Farsi at all levels of society\n\nQuestion 4 of 40\t2.5/ 2.5 PointsWhich of these Ghaznavid actions led to their overthrow?\n\nA. Attempting to rebel against the Mongols\n\nB. Moving the capital to China\n\nC. Abandoning the nomadic lifestyle of the Mongols\n\nD. Allowing the Seljuks to move into Persia\n\nQuestion 5 of 40\t2.5/ 2.5 PointsMany poor nomads rejected the lifestyles of villagers and townspeople because:\n\nA. they saw themselves as unfettered and free.\n\nB. they saw corruption in the wealthy villages.\n\nC. village life was much poorer than nomadic life.\n\nD. religion was forced upon the townspeople.\n\n "},{"left":"","right":""},{"left":"","right":""},{"left":"","right":""

  • Where did the Fatimids establish their new capital?

    n\nA. China.\n\nB. Japan.\n\nC. Manchuria\n\nD. Russia.\n\nQuestion 7 of 40\t2.5/ 2.5 PointsThe Seljuk Turks were:\n\nA. Shi'ite Muslims.\n\nB. Zoroastrians.\n\nC. Buddhists.\n\nD. Sunni Muslims.\n\n "},{"left":"","right":""},{"left":"","right":""},{"left":"","right":""}]

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