• 10-2 : Life on the Plantation

    - plantation had final authority over his land, slaves, and family\n- had almost total power over slaves (acted as judge or jury & granted permission)\n- some believed they had a duty to teach their slaves about Christianity\n- had strict ranking system (had supervisors & wive was second in authority)"},{"left":"Women's Responsi

  • 10.3 - The Other Souths

    - yeoman farmers ~ owners of small farmers\n- artisans ~ workers trained in skilled trades such as printing and cabinet making"},{"left":"Yeoman

  • 11.1 ~ The Sectional Conflict

    - free labor - the right to leave employers and jobs for better opportunities"},{"left":"Differe

  • 11.2 ~ The Antislavery Moment

    a movement that demanded an immediate and no-compromise end to slavery"},{"left":"An

  • 11.3 - Road to Bleeding Kansas

    - popular sovereignty - right of voters in each territory to decide whether to become a free or slave state\n- guerrilla - irregular warfare by independent forces"},{"left":"The Kan

  • 11.4 - The House Divided

    The Dred Scott Case

  • 12.2 - The Nation at War

    - moderate ~ people who disapproved of extreme political views within their own political parties\n- emancipation ~ act of freeing"},{"left":"Two Com

  • 12.3 ~ War on the Homefront

    - civil rights ~ the personal freedoms belonging to a person by virtue of his or her status as a citizen or as a member of society\n- draft ~ a call to military service"},{"left":"Crisis

  • 13.3 ~ Southern Life Under Reconstruction

    - redeem - recover\n- vigilante - group of citizens that, without authority, takes on itself powers"},{"left":

  • (16-2) The Reforming Impulse

    - Mugwumps - group of Republicans who supported reform (to get rid of the spoils system)\n- civil service - government jobs awarded on basis of merit rather than on political patronage\n- regulate - to set rules\n- monopoly - company that completely controls market for one product or service\n- trust - combination of companies that work together to control market"},{"left":"Mugwump

  • 18-2: Conflict and Conquest

    - yellow journalism - style of newspaper featuring sensational headlines\n- imperialism - the attempt to control other nations by economic or political means"},{"left":"Policin

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