Social Studies Notes

  • Forest and Wildlife Resources

    - India is one of the world’s richest countries in terms of its biological diversity, and has nearly 8 per cent of the total number of species in the world (estimated to be 1.6 million).\n "},{"left":"The Effect of Deforestation in India","right":"- Over 81,000 species of [fauna](

  • Chapter 2 Section 1

    Hominids and Early Humans","right":"3 million years ago humans were created. They began to

  • social studies quiz study guide

    Life on the frontier was hard because it was hard to carry all the things they would take so as they went they would throw out important things."},{"left"

  • 10.1 study Notes by Jack Moore

    One of the first people to enter or settle in a region"},{"left":"Front

  • chapter9:The Rise of Rome

    land sorrounded by water;Florida![]("},{"left":"Republi

  • Chapter 9:The rise of Rome

    A land that are surrounded by water:Florida![]("},{"left":"Republi

  • Words to know lesson 2

    The king divided the empire into a province.![](\n\n "},{"left":"Govern

  • Lesson 5:The Rise of Rome

    To treat something bad ![]("},{"left":"Convert

  • people of the revolution

    One of two lawyers arrested at the Anahuac protest.\n\nCommander at the battle of the Alamo for Texas."},{"left":"Sam Houston","r

  • Filibusters of Texas

    the filibusters goal was to throw off the spanish government in favor of new leadership in mexico and texas.\n\n \n\n "},{"left":"philip nolan","right":"an irish m

  • Lesson Study 10-2

    Manufacturer","right":"A manufacturer is someone who uses machines to make goods."},{"left":"Corps","right":"A corps is a group of people that work tog

  • Scavenger Hunt (Evans, Penn, Moore, Deosa)

    Tenskwatawa, Tecumseh's half-brother."},{"left":"When did the Americans dis

  • Social Studies Unit 7.1 Baker Beck

    having two separate lawmaking chambers"},{"left":"republi

  • 7.1-The Articles of Confederation Jackson Schwartz

    Having two separate lawmaking chambers"},{"left":"Republi

  • 7.1, The Articles of Confederation

    Having two separate lawmaking chambers."},{"left":"republi

  • 9.1 A new nation

    A written plan for government"},{"left":"Citizen","

  • AH The Articles of Confederation

    In *1776 *the *Second Continental Congress__ __ *appointed committee to draw up a plan for a new central government. Congress adopted the *Articles*--__ __the nation's first *constitution* in November 1776__.__ *The *Articles of Confederation made a weak central government. Not every state supported the__ __Articles of Confederation * at first. On *March 1, 1781__,__ the *Confederation* formally became the* government of the nation. *\\_\\_ "},{"left":"The Confederation Governmen

  • Chapter 7 lesson 2 by Baker Beck Forging a New Constitution

    a period when economic activity slows and unemployment increases"},{"left":"Manumiss

  • 7-2 Forging a New Constitution Jackson Schwartz

    a period when economic activity slows and unemployment increases"},{"left":"Manumiss

  • 7.2 Vocabulary

    A period when economic activity slows and unemployment increases."},{"left":" manu

  • Chapter 7 lesson 2 notes

    - people think Articles of Confederation are too weak\n- United States faces depression after war\n- damage to plantations and cutoff of West Indies market\n- govt. can't pay debts to foreign countries\n- __Shays Rebellion__\n- govt. issues paper money make policies for those in debt\n- Massachusetts farmers make plea and resentment boils\n- Daniel Shays leads rebellion whos goal is to stop judges from legally taking away farmers' land\n- In 1787 Shays leads group to seize weapon storehouse in Springfield, Mass.\n- rebellion retreats and is compromised after being fired upon by state militia"},{"left":"Slavery in the Ne

  • 7.3 A New Plan of Government by Baker Beck

    sharing power between the federal and state governments"},{"left":"Traditio

  • 7-3 A New Plan of Government

    Sharing power between the federal and state governments"},{"left":"Traditio

  • 7.3 Vocabulary By Kaden Saad

    longstanding cultural belief and practice"},{"left":"Federal

  • 7.3 vocabulary

    Sharing power between the federal and state governments."},{"left":"Legislat

  • Cliff Belknap Lesson 3 by Cliff Belknap

    - constitution was somewhat based off of foreign technices\n- Americans respected and practiced many British parliament styles"},{"left":"European Influences","ri

  • Principles of the Constitution(8-1) Jackson Schwartz

    The belief that government is subject to the will of the people"},{"left":"Limited Governme

  • Chapter 8 lesson 1 by Baker Beck

    the authority of the people"},{"left":"limited governmen

  • 8-1 Vocabulary By Kaden Saad

    the belief that government is subject to the will of the people"},{"left":"limited governmen

  • 8.1 vocabulary

    The belief that government is subject to the will of the people."},{"left":"limited governmen

  • Cliff Belknap 8-1 notes by Cliff Belknap

    - Constitution lists solution to American government: popular sovereignty, a republican form of government, limited government, federalism, separation of government, checks and balances and individual rights"},{"left":"Popular Sovere

  • (9-1) The First President by J.S.


  • Chapter 9 Lesson 1 The First President By Baker Beck

    something done or said that becomes an example for others to follow"},{"left":"Cabinet

  • 9-1 Vocabulary

    something done or said that becomes an example for others to follow."},{"left":"cabinet"

  • Cliff Belknap 9-1 by Cliff Belknap

    - after the failed attempt to create a strong national government under the Articles of Confederation, delegates sought out a new plan of government called the Constitution which led by one president, who would be George Washington\n- On April 30th of 1789, Washington took an oath and was swore into office, and John Adams became vice president\n- during his term, Washington established various departments in government, the court system, the length of a presidency, and how to handle foreign affairs\n- he wanted to set precedents for the nations future in the government"},{"left":"The Cabinent","right"

  • Chapter 9 Lesson 2 Early Challenges by Baker Beck

    Challenges In The West","right":"- Britain and Spain were trying to get the Native Americans against the United States\n- Washington then decided to make treaties with Native

  • Chapter 9.2 notes

    - Britain and France trying to pull U.S. into their conflicts\n- Native Americans, Britain and Spain fought westward settlers\n- Growing unrest from the American population"},{"left"

  • 9.2 Vocabulary

    Washington had many challenges while in office, including pressure from Britain and France, Indian attacks out west, and growing unrest from the US citizens."},{"left":"The Whiskey Rebellion",

  • Chapter 9 Lesson 3 The First Political Parties By Baker Beck

    firmly favouring one party or faction"},{"left":"Distin

  • 9.3 Kaden Saad

    firmly favoring one party or faction"},{"left":"distin

  • lesson 9.3 notes

    - Thomas Jefferson supporters bash on President Washington to weaken support for Alexander Hamilton\n- first political parties between Hamilton and starting to form.\n- Washington sides mostly with Hamilton, making him a partisan in the eyes of the people"},{"left":"Political Part

  • Lesson 10-1 vocab.


  • 10.1 Kaden Saad

    tax collected on goods that are important"},{"left":"jurisdicti

  • Education System in Finland

    [It is the best performing education system - as measured by international tests PISA, administered by OECD](#553cba4eb7a711564acf4d1b)"},{"left":"What is unique about school educatio

  • 10-1 notes

    - Adams and Pinckney vs Jefferson and Burr\n- many letters from both sides sent to newspapers for advertisement\n- personal insults given out by both sides\n- Jefferson called godless by Federalists, Democratic Republicans talked down on Federalist views"},{"left":"The Vote is Tied",

  • 10.2 Kaden Saad

    the power to influence or command thought, opinion, or behavior"},{"left":"purchas

  • 10-2 Vocab

    To withdraw or break away from a nation or organization."},{"left":"Auth

  • 10.3 Kaden Saad

    money paid to a leader or state for protection."},{"left":"neutr

  • 10.3 notes

    - Ship Empress of China inspires others to trade in China and India\n- Britian and France at war causing greater number of merchants at sea"},{"left":"Piracy on the Seas","right":"

  • Social Studies vocab 7.1 by Trip Williams

    a law or regulation"},{"left":"Dep

  • Social Studies Vocabulary Lesson 7-1

    having two separate lawmaking chambers"},{"left":"Republi

  • Social Studies Vocabulary 7-1 A.R.B

    having two separate lawmaking chambers"},{"left":"Republi

  • S.S. The Articles of Confederation 7.1 by H.Fraser

    having two separate lawmaking chambers"},{"left":"republi

  • 7.2 notes by Trip Williams

    - Articles of Confederation to weak people thought\n- went through depression"},{"left":"Shays's Rebellion

  • The Paris Agreement

    The \nagreement requires that ratifying nations “peak” their greenhouse gas emissions as soon  \n\nas possible and pursue the highest possible ambition that each country can achieve.\n\n "},{"left":"climate change","

  • Enlightenment

    The Enlightenment was an intellectual movement in the 17 and 18 centuries (1600s-1700s)\n\nIt sought to apply reason to understand everything reason is just thinking things through to understand something.\n\nPolitics was one of the areas where reason was used"},{"left":"What is the definition of

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