• SEJPME contains 50 Questions and Answers\n\ncontains 50 Questions\n\n1) The cornerstone of ARSOAC, the \\_\\_\\_\\_\\_, is organized into four like battalions and provides nighttime, all-weather, medium range insertion, extraction, and resupply capability in hostile or denied areas. [Remediation Accessed :N]\n\n106th Special Operations Helicopter Regiment\n\n101st Airborne Division (Air Assault)\n\n160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (correct)\n\n3rd Combat Aviation Brigade\n\n2) To accomplish U.S. objectives, the national security strategy guides the coordination of the instruments of national power which include \\_\\_\\_\\_\\_. (Select all that apply.) [Remediation Accessed :N]\n\n the military (correct)\n\n economics (correct)\n\n diplomacy (correct)\n\n information (correct)\n\n3) The Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower is the application of maritime forces to support the United States' Security Strategy.\n\nTrue\n\nFalse (correct)\n\n4) Command authority over assigned or attached forces or commands, or military capability or forces made available for tasking, that is limited to the detailed direction and control of movements or maneuvers within the operational area necessary to accomplish missions or tasks assigned is known as \\_\\_\\_\\_\\_. [Remediation Accessed :N]\n\nAdministrative Control (ADCON)\n\nOperational Control (OPCON)\n\n "},{"left":"","right":""},{"left":"","right":""},{"left":"

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