Project Notes

  • Project- Powerpoint Presentation\n\nPROJECT: Briefly identify a problem for a community or organization, and propose a solution. You should propose sources of funding; detail the means by which you would achieve your project; and support the viability of your idea with historical precedents from the course materials. Feel free to dream. The sky is the limit. Imagine that you could actually get the Department of Transportation to fund a light rail project to enable dog owners to get home to walk their dogs at lunch time in Los Angeles. This is absurd, of course, but it is fine to dream, so long as the problem is real and your solution would do actual good. \n\nPART 2 Powerpoint Presentation-\n\nUsing the point and information from your proposal, compose a PowerPoint presentation employing least six slides that will allow you to illustrate your proposal, providing supporting imagery. \n\nIf you do not have experience working with MS Powerpoint, start here or here"},{"left":"","right":""},{"left":"","right":""},{

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