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  • Objectives that can be appropriate for Internet marketing include

    https://99papers.com/?rid=2511\n\nQuestion\n\n1. Question 1 of 50\n\nObjectives that can be appropriate for Internet marketing include: (Points : 2.5)\n\nbuilding loyal customer relationships.\n\ndoubling the customer base.\n\ndecreasing the need for customer service. \n\n2. Question 2 of 50\n\nWhich of the following is not a strategic driver of the Internet economy? (Points : 2.5)\n\nSpeed is essential to successful Internet operations.\n\nEmployees can easily be substituted for one another.\n\nMaking it possible to deal with customers on a 1-to-1 basis.\n\n3.Question 3 of 50\n\nWeb 2.0 is characterized by: (Points : 2.5)\n\nservices and co-creation.\n\neconomic and technical evolution.\n\na "dot com" business enterprise. \n\n4. Question 4 of 50\n\nThe basic business models used on the Internet include: (Points : 2.5)\n\nmulti-channel marketing.\n\ntarget return on investment.\n\ndisintermediation.\n\n5. Question 5 of 50\n\nTechnology that can integrate location into marketing applications is called: (Points : 2.5)\n\napps.\n\nWeb 3.0.\n\nGPS.\n\n6. Question 6 of 50\n\nThe most common way consumers discover new online products is through: (Points : 2.5) search.\n\nmerchant emails."},{"left":"","right":""},{"left":"","right":""},{"left":"","right":""}]

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