Math Notes

  • Multiplying and Dividing Inequalities

    Maybe you are wondering whether there are Multiplication and Division Principles for Inequalities. The answer is yes, but they aren't quite the same as the Multiplication and Division Principles for Equations. When we multiply or divide both sides of an inequality by a* positive* number, we do get and equivalent inequality. But when we multiply or divide both sides by a negative number, we must *reverse the inequality sign *to get an equivalent inequality. Look at these sentences to see why:"},{"left":"Question or Keywords

  • Addition

    What is 6 + 6 "},{"left":"Question or Keywords

  • 8.7 Problem Solving

    Proportion:an equation that states that two ratios are equivalent.\n\n "},{"left":"Question or Keywords

  • 8.7 making predictions

    Experimental probability:The ratio of the number of times an event occurs to the total number of trials, or times that the activity is performed."},{"left":"Question or Keywords

  • Numerical expressions

    Plus, sum, increased by, total, more than, altogether,"},{"left":"Subtraction","ri

  • Unit 3 - Algeba

    When simplifying algebraic expressions, [two things](#54590061db66efcf75000008) can be done."},{"left":"Term","right":"A \"term\" is a valu

  • 1-1 Variables and Expressions

    Variables","right":"are symbols used to represent unspecified numbers or values."},{"lef

  • 1-2 Order of Operations

    To evaluate means to find its value."},{"l

  • 1-3 Properties of Numbers

    is any quantity is equal to itself."},{"left":"Symmetric Proper

  • 1-6 Relations

    is a set of numbers, or coordinates written in the form (x,y)"},{"left":"X-Coordina

  • 1-5 Equations

    The replacement value for a variable that makes the equation true."},{"left":"Replac

  • 1-7 Functions

    is an association between two variables."},{"left":"Notat"

  • 2-1 Writing Equations

    1. Identify the unknown.\n1. Assign a variable to the unknown.\n1. look for keywords.\n1. write the equation as a sentence."},{"left":" ","right":" "},{"le

  • 2-2 Solving One-Step Equations

     Using Variables","right":"

  • 2-3 Solving Multi-Step Equations

    9(x-2)=3x+3\n\n9x-18=3x+3\n\n-3 -3\n\n6x-18=3\n\n  +18+18\n\n6x=21\n\n6 6\n\nx=7/2"}

  • Tyler Cornell Notes

    Because I need to."},{"left":"","right":""},{"lef

  • Addition Flashcards


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