Marketing Trends 2013 Notes

  • What's Next in Digital Marketing

    - Big shift in 2013 - [channelization](#51f890cc97717cb13b00004e) of everything\n - If you’re selling an ebooks, now there’s a channel\n\nto do that: Amazon Kindle\n\n - Funding-\n - Investors: angel list\n- No more cold starts now. There are channels to plug yourself into for anything you want to do. This makes getting started is A LOT easier\n- Ryan’s prediction that by end of 2013, 50% of business will be replaced by major outlets like Amazon or iTunes was WRONG. (\\*Note: Make a lot prediction and don’t mention the ones that are wrong.) Why was he wrong? One medium rarely replaces another\n\n "},{"left":"3 Big shifts in Digital Marke

  • Post Penguin SEO With Eric Lanchers

    - If you bought a book on SEO, throw it away, since the Panda-Penguin update has changed SEO completely\n- Eric Lancheres presents a proven method that will allow you to recover any size information site, e-commerce and affiliate site.\n- Everyone was gaming the system. Panda-Penguin implemented penalties to slap those gamers down.\n- Understanding your website quality score will help you recover from panda-penguin (every website has a quality score, given by Google.)\n- Google is out to reward \"High quality sites\". If Google thinks your site is outdated, you get penalized.\n- Panda is here to stay until you change it... not just your site, your biz model\n- Web master tools warning message, congrats, you have a massive spike in traffic!\n- Rank as high as possible on the quality score, so you can win. Below 70 rating has a bigger penalty. We'll see how to be WAY above the thresholds to avoid jumping around in the rankings.\n- Google bot creates a profile for your site, saves ALL your data in the DB and tries to profile that site. If you have multiple authors for the site, awesome! Include them in the about page!\n- Google doesn't like duplicate content, so avoid that! If you're an e-commerce site, you must have shipping and warranty info.\n- If you're an information site and recommending products, the FTC came out with a rule that you must have a disclaimer that you are getting compensation or are affiliated with X other companies.\n- Google requires this since Google is a US company.\n- Quality checks are relatively easy. But, Google is now much more harsh on broken or outdated code. Fix your code and your quality score will go way up. Every few years, your site needs a facelift to stay current. Hidden text is now hurting you.\n- User Experience is the big one! If people enjoy your site, Google wants to give you people.\n- Go to Google Analytics. Bounce rate and time on site matter the most.\n - The magic happens at under 55%. Keep your 0-10 second visits under 50%!\n - Google cares about \"user accomplishment\". When a user goes to your site from a search, Google views that as a user that they gave you.\n - If the user comes back to the search, Google thinks the user didn't like the site, so it hurts your User Experience score. The only way to win at this\n - game is to have users NEVER LEAVE YOUR SITE.\n - Maximize all your social media features, like comments and likes. 0 comments tells Google that nobody likes your site.\n- Gizmodo example, Gizmodo doing it right.\n - Sidebar all recent updates, author, etc.\n - Developer Drive, expert author listed, comments, likes\n - Facebook likes on the right side to show most popular articles.\n- Have a picture ON the fold, to bait users to scroll down. Next up, how to get even further. USE PAGINATION!! And also, always use table of contents, on info sites, even on dating sites!\n - Bounce rate decreased on dating site from 50 to `30.`\n- Wikipedia does interlinking better than anyone. It tells Google you're not an e-zine content farm site. 2 to 5 percent increase in user engagement.\n- Must have good supplementary content. Amazon does it better than anyone. You need dynamic related content on the side bar.\n - To figure out what related content you need, lookat top 5 Google search results. MoneyExtra.comhas a low bounce rate, surprising for such an uglysite.\n- All this, anywhere from 30 to 95 percent improvement. Now for a multiplier! Maximize your server speed! Server speed is multiplied by your other scores listed so far.\n\n "},{"left":"Q &

  • List Banking (Media Buying) – Ryan and Chris Oyolokor

    “free report for [website] readers”\n - Make your ad look like an article on their website\n\n "},{"left":"Step Six: Scaling","right":"- Add more sites- go outs

  • Traffic Hacks - Panel Discussion

    [CTR](#51f894b397717cb13b000053) 4x higher, lower[ CPC](#51f894bb97717cb13b000054) 10c – 25c\n- Facebook Offer Ads\n - Like Groupon offer\n - Very specific offers and promotions, more qualified prospects\n - Perfect for live events and webinars\n - Results: Event registrations increased by 38% compared to regular ads. CPC reduced to $1.80 to 24c\n - International ads are very cheap to run\n- Custom audiences\n - You can upload your email list (or mobile phone\n\n list) and your ads will be shown to those people\n\n - Easier to sell to those who you already know\n - Ryan used this to sell tickets for T&C\n - Case study – eCommerce product launch – teased\n\n list with custom FB ads that remind them of\n\n launch – increased sales of 300%\n\n - Tailor creative to each segment of your list\n - Results: Lower CTR and CPCs\n\n \n\n "},{"left":"YouTube Marketing – Brandon Olson\n[]([]([]([]([]([]([](http:/

  • Secret Selling System

    - System Perry uses to create every single offer\n- Selling is not evil\n- Selling is power – great skill to have\n\n \n\n1. Important parts of selling\n - Targeting- getting in front of prospects who are\n most likely to buy \n\n - 60% of any successful promotion is in list\n selection\n\n - Getting leads – getting interest\n - Getting sales\n - Increasing profits per sale\n - Frequency\n1. Know your buyer- what you like is not what your customer likes\n - Creating a customer avatar\n - Be talking to one person, not a group of people\n - Find out their demographics and where they hang out\n1. Finding the right list\n - Google ad planner – finding websites your niche visits and their interests. Enter in your competitor’s websites\n1. Make them “glow in the dark”\n - From Dean Jackson – ilovemarketing podcast\n - Use list-building bait- cheese or whiskers principle. Offer lead magnet that resonates with potential customers.\n1. Create an irresistable offer\n - Why people buy – gain, fear, pride, value (makes them feel smart), imitation (people want to imitate celebrity)\n1. Sequence is critical – mistake is selling too early\n1. Points of belief – if your current sales message is not working, ask yourself how many things are you asking prospect to believe. If more than 4, it’s probably a failure. Ideally, you only want to make them believe 1 thing\n\n "},{"left":"21 Steps sales presentation

  • eCommerce and Physical Products

    /[]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([](\n\n - Chinese valentines day – 3 billion in online sales\n- 2 Most common questions\n - How to find markets?\n - How to evaluate whether to go into?\n- Finding markets – Dirty diaper ninja\n - Find developers of top carts who have done\n redesigns. Those marketers are doing well\n\n - Niches of niches \n - Dog suppliers  dog beds\n -  eBay pulse\n - Hobbies – anything people are passionate\n about\n\n - Weird/embarrassing  ex. pubic hair trimmer\n - Top 500 guide ( ) – best\n source of data for north America ecommerce\n\n- Criteria for market\n - Average order value $75-200? +5 points\n - Gross margin 20% or more? +5 points\n - Fragmented market? +2 points \n - Fragmented = lots of merchants for top\n keywords\n\n - Lends itself to return customers? +3 points\n - Lends itself to multiple item orders? +1 points\n - Can you add value to the market? +5 points \n - Don’t go into market where you can’t add\n value\n\n - Creating educational content. Show how your\n products work\n\n - Products difficult to buy locally? +4\n - Seasonal business? +3 points \n - People go crazy for seasonal items\n - Google trends dominated in US \n - Make sure more volume in U.S. than other\n countries\n\n - At least 70 S.K.U.s +3\n - Non-commoditized product? +5\n - Is there competition? +4\n - Average product weigh under 10 lbs +1\n - Top 3 keywords have combined 15K exact match\n searches? (+3)\n\n - Target marketing is women? +2\n - Add up and if points are under 20, don’t be in the\n market \n\n - 20-20 okay\n - 30-40 good\n - 40-50 excellent\n- Model – start with dropshipping, for the products that\ndo well, start importing and doing everything yourself\n\n "

  • Affiliate Armies

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  • Publishing Revolution

    First, watch Tucker’s Tech Crunch Interview - []([]([]([]([](\nTucker’s story: In 2001, he gets fired from his law job. He\nwrites emails to his friends with funny stories, which got\nforwarded all over the place. They encouraged him to be a\nwriter. He got denied by lots of different publishers. He\nstarted his blog, it got popular and publishers started\ncontacting him.\n\n- Publishing a book is just a “Trojan horse” to establish\nyour reputation and do bigger stuff. Published authors\nhave a lot of more perceived prestige and respect vs.\nmarketers.\n\n- Book is the best way to become an authority of your\nfield. Use books to build media and brands\n\n- Ryan’s model for launching a new brand: Find a\nthought leader, publish a hardback book, use as a self-\nliquid offer, use that to build a brand and media\n\n- At the very least, publish a Kindle book\n\n \n\n "},{"left":"Q & A\n\n ",

  • How to Publish A Book – 10 Key Points

    Reality Check\n\n[]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([](\n\n "},{"left":"Summary","right":"- Write

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