Language Arts Notes

  • Notes

    > Main I \n\n> \n\n> \n\n> \n\n> \n\n> "},{"left":"Question or Key

  • Literary Language Vocabulary

    of the [nature]( of or involving a figure of speech "},{"left":"Literal","right"

  • Simple Subjects and Simple Predicates

    A Simple Predicate is the main word or words in the complete predicate."},{"left":"Question or Keyword

  • Compound Subjects

    A compound subject contains two or more simple subjects. They are joined by a conjunction such as *and *or *or.*"},{"left":"Question or Key

  • Compound Sentences

    A __simple sentence__ has a subject and a predicate and expresses a complete thought."},{"left":"Compound Sent

  • Cornell notes on page 44

    Compound subject are two simple sentences connected with a conjunctions."},{"left":"How many simple subjects

  • Nouns

    A person, place, or thing"},{"left":"What is a pro

  • Paragraph Basics

    A group of words that form a complete thought."},{"left":"What is a paragra

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