Introduction to Healthcare Notes

  • Healthcare Systems Analysis

    a complex network consisting of many different agencies, facilities, and the professionals providing the services"},{"left":"Non- Profit Hospitals","

  • Epidemiology

    the study of health and disease in human populations"},{"left":"Prevalence

  • The Patient

    1. Involvement of family and friends\n1. Education and shared knowledge\n1. Collaboration and Team Management\n1. Sensitivity to nonmedical and spiritual dimensions of care\n1. Respect for patients needs and prefernces\n1. Free flow and accessibility of information"},{"left":"Factors leading to Patient centered c

  • Healthcare Facilities/Delivery Systems

    - Hospitals\n- Long-term Facilities\n- Medical, Dental, or optical offices\n- Specialty Clinics and Laboratories\n- Emergency Medical Clinics and Home Healthcare\n- Mental Health and Rehabilitation Facilities\n- Hospice care and Counseling Services\n- School or Industrial Health Clinics/Centers"},{"left":"What are some types of Hospitals that exi

  • Fire Safety

    1. fuel- something that will burn\n1. Heat- enough to make the fuel burn\n1. oxygen- to feed the fire"},{"left":"Type A fire Extinguisher

  • Be the Future of Healthcare!

    What is a service project partner ?"},{"left":"Question or Keywords

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