Intro to Healthcare Notes

  • Health Care Facilities/ Delivery Systems

    Private- operated for a profit, shareholders or private companies \n\nReligious- non-profit, run by a religious organization ex. St. Josephs \n\nNon-Profit- profit is used for improvements, updates, or expansions\n\nRun by government organizations- paid for by taxes\n\nSpecialized hospitals- provides care for special populations ex. children's hospitals"},{"left":"Long-Term Care C

  • Epidemiology

    The study of health and disease in human population"},{"left":"Prevalence","right"

  • Career in Health Science

    Skill/Competency Based","right":"It is used to provide the p

  • Healthcare Facilities Notes

    -Hospitals -Long-term care facilities -Medical, dental, or optical offices -Specialty clinics -Laboratories -Emergency Medical clinics -Home healthcare -Mental health facilities -Rehabilitation facilities -Hospice care -Counseling services -School or industrial health clinics/centers"},{"left":"Typ

  • Emerging Issues Epidemiology Presentation

    Epidemiology is the study of health and disease in human populations\n\n-Epidemiologists are the those who study it \n\n.They study in particular cumulative diseases, cardiovascular disease, cancer, mental illness, accidents, and so much more"},{"left":"Epidemiologists cou

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