ILab 4 of 4 Notes

  • ILab 4 of 4: Database Construction Using MySQL and PHP

    Database Construction Using MySQL and PHP\n\n ","right":"\n\nSubmit your assignment to the Dropbox, located at the top of this page.\n\n(See the Syllabus section \"Due Dates for Assignments & Exams\" for due dates.)\n\niLAB OVERVIEW\n\nScenario/Summary\n\nIn this assignment, you will learn to create and manipulate a MySQL database using the PHP. To complete this assignment, you will need to be able to run MySQL via Omnymbus. You should review Chapter 11’s coverage on PHP, the tutorial titled “PHP and MySQL” listed in the Webliography and MySQL’s own dialect of the SQL language via the file M10C\\_KROE8352\\_13\\_SE\\_WC10C.pdf in the Doc-Sharing folder titled My SQL Documents.\n\nPlease ensure that you can connect to MySQL/Omnymbus via the account your Professor has emailed to you. Please consult with the document titled MySQLOmnymbusSupport.docx located in the Doc-Sharing folder titled Omnymbus Tutorial Files for instructions on how to get help for any issues that you are having with the MySQL/Omnymbus Environment.\n\nDeliverables\n\nName your MySQL database Lab4\\_xxxx where xxxx is your userid. Create and save your MySQL database file. You will be required to submit a web-link to your index.php file, along with 6 php script files and a sql file that will be executed from the Omnymbus public Web page from your Omnymbus account. Please note that your php and sql files will be based upon the templates provided the zip file titled MIS582\\_Wk7\\ located in the folder titled iLab Documents in Doc Sharing.\n\nYou will need to modify the following php scripts and sql file from the MIS582\\_Wk7\\ file.\n\n• index.php\n\n• insert.php\n\n• insert\\_data.php\n\n• update.php\n\n• update\\_data.php\n\n• delete.php"},{"left":"

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