Healthcare AB Notes

  • Cornell Notes- Careers in Health Science

    a qualification, achievement, personal quality, or aspect of someone's background\n\nused to indicate if someone is suitable for a job"},{"left":"what are

  • Professional Presentation

    - clothing is clean and neat\n- undergarments are skin tone\n- jewelry at a minimum- no dangling jewelry\n- no body peircings\n- shoes clean\n- tattoos covered"},{"left":"Hygiene ","

  • Teamwork and Leadership

    effective team provides:\n\n- bounty of resources\n- insight and perspective\n\ncontribute to the overall character and institutional culture \n\ncommunication is essential \n\n "},{"left":"what do you need to have a successful

  • Environmental Safety & Body Mechanics

    the science of fitting the job to the person"},{"left":"what doe

  • Hand Hygiene

    Standard Precautions are a set of infection control practices that healthcare personnel use to reduce transmission of microorganisms in healthcare settings.\n\n "},{"left":"who does the standard precau

  • Fire Safety

    fuel - something that will burn \n\nHeat - enough to make feul burn \n\nOxygen - to feed the fire"},{"left":"types of fire extinguishers","right"

  • Legal Responsibilities

    scope of practice","right":"healthcare professionals are required to know and follow state laws that regulate their license o

  • Nutrition

    1980- the US department of Agriculture and US Department of Health and Human Services developed and released the first edition of Nutrition and Your Health Dietary Guidelines for Americans- focused on a healthy population ages 2 years or older\n\n(pyramid)\n\n \n\n2010 = rising concern about health and wellness of Americans shifted to the reality that the American Public is Overweight and Obese - no more pyramid"},{"left":"2010 gui

  • Sleep

    sleep needs\n\n-vary person to person\n-7-9 hourse adult\n-9-10 for school-aged kids\n\nchange throughout the life cycle\n\n-older retire early and rise early\n-deep sleep decreases with age\n\nare influenced by harmones\n\n-puberty shifts adoloscents biological clocks\n-later to bed later to rise\n-quality and timing is just as important as quantity"},{"left":"REM","right":"-first 90

  • Pregnancy - conception

    the average preganacy is 40 weeks or 9 and a had months\n\nbabies are born before 37 weeks are premature and after 42 are post mature\n\nits better to measure pregancy in weeks then months"},

  • What can adversely affect pregnancy ?

    can be taratogenic (cause fetal harm)\n\n-antihestamines and cold preparations - laxatives\n\ncertain pain medications (analgesics)\n\ncertain antibiotics\n\na pregnant woman should never take a medication not authorized by her doctor"},{"left":"Smoking","right":"bl

  • Effective Communication

    Effective communic

  • Subjective vs. Objective

    uses the patient's exact words \n\ncan not be seen or felt\n\nalso called symptoms\n\nstatements or complaints from the patient"},{"left":"Objectiv

  • Communication Fundamentals

    Listening is not my problem!\n\nListening and hearing are the same\n\nGood readers are good listeners\n\nSmarter people are better listeners\n\nListening improves with age\n\nNot paying attention (preoccupation, prejudice, self-centeredness, stero-type)\n\nListening skills are difficult to learn\n\n "},{"left":"nonverbal","right":"93%

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