Hailey's Food Notes

  • Hailey's Food Inc. sells fish sticks at $3.00 a box. The government passes a law requiring sellers of food products to pay $0.50 as tax for

    http://assignment.store/haileys-food-inc-sells-fish-sticks-at-3-00-a-box-the-government-passes-a-law-requiring-sellers-of-food-products-to-pay-0-50-as-tax-for/\n\nFrom the following information calculate the net increase in cash.\n\nEarnings before interest and taxes\t$52,000\n\nDepreciation expense\t7,800\n\nDecrease in prepaid expenses\t1,700\n\nIncrease in accounts receivable\t12,880\n\nPurchase of machinery\t32,700\n\nPayment of dividends\t11,300\n\nIncrease in bank borrowings\t8,600\n\n$88,780\n\n$18,620\n\n$13,220\n\n$23,380\n\nIrvin’s Ice Creams a popular chain of ice cream parlors located only in the United States is looking for opportunities to grow its business. Which of the following suggestions, if provided by the company’s marketing manager, would present the least amount of risk to the firm?\n\nLeveraging the firm’s brand value by selling children’s toys\n\nIncreasing sales by increasing the number of stores in the United States\n\nSelling Irvin’s branded clothing in a new market\n\nSelling its current products in an attractive new market\n\nClaudia is a team lead in an organization. One day at work a team member Marc informs Claudia that he wants to speak to her about the problems that he faces at work. Marc tells her that he is being treated unfairly at work and that his colleagues often ridicule him because of his ethnicity. He goes on to say that his disturbed state of mind has caused a dip in the productivity and quality of his work. Claudia does not interrupt him when he is speaking and encourages him to talk openly. She also lets him know that she understands his situation and that his feelings are valid. In this scenario, Claudia is primarily engaged in \\_\\_\\_\\_\\_\\_\\_\\_\\_\\_.\n\nselective listening\n\npassive listening\n\nempathic listening\n\ndefensive listening\n\nCalculate the net working capital from the information given below. The figures are in millions of dollars.\n\nCash and cash equivalents\t$ 90\n\nInventories\t450\n\nAccounts receivable\t255\n\nFixed assets\t1,080\n\nShort-term investments\t145\n\nGoodwill\t90\n\nAccounts payable\t220\n\nLong-term borrowings\t660\n\nShort-term borrowings\t85\n\nInterest payable\t115\n\n$(140)\n\n$520\n\n$610\n\n$1,030\n\nTwissData Corp. is an electronics firm based in Damiya that manufactures motherboards. Because of a rapid growth in the personal computing industry, TwissData Corp. decides to produce personal desktops and laptops instead of motherboards. By doing so, which type of market-product strategy has TwissData Corp. applied? \n\nProduct development\n\nDiversification\n\nMarket penetration\n\nMarket development"},{"left":"","right":""},{"left":"","right":""},{"left":"","right":""}]

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