Gutfreund Notes

  • Gutfreund Loses Salomon Inc.\n\nGutfreund Loses Salomon Inc.\n\nDo you think Gutfreund did the right thing in resigning? Should he have stuck it out and tried to fix the mess he created? If he had not resigned, do you think he would have been forced out? Why or why not?\n\nWhat leadership attributes did Warren Buffett display in his handling of Salomon Inc.? Do you think Buffett handled the \"reworking\" of Salomon appropriately or was he too aggressive? How was he able to so quickly turn around Salomon so it did not have to file for bankruptcy?\n\nHow should Mozer's actions have been handled? Who should have taken the appropriate actions (Gutfreund, Strauss, senior colleagues, someone else)? What major leadership failures led to Mozer's indiscretions falling through the cracks?\n\nIf you were CEO of Solomon, how would you have handled the situation once informed of Mozer's misdeeds? Would you have waited on a press release until after things were figured out with the Fed? Or would you want to inform the public immediately to prevent a possible leak, and if so how would you tell the public about the company's misdeeds?"},{"left":"","right":""},{"left":"","right":"

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