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  • EX16_WD_VOL1_GRADER_CAP_HW - Travel (answer)

    http://assignment.store/ex16\\_wd\\_vol1\\_grader\\_cap\\_hw-travel-answer/\n\nEX16\\_WD\\_VOL1\\_GRADER\\_CAP\\_HW - Travel Club 1.5\n\nProject Description:\n\nYou are an employee of Calypso Travel Club, which is a timesharing resort management company. Your position requires that you encourage owner participation and promote travel programs. You are also involved with providing new owners with all the information they need to begin planning vacations and taking advantage of club ownership. One of the first things you send each new owner is a Quick Start Guide. You typically create a mailing once each month, with a welcome letter and the Quick Start Guide. You have prepared that material and are ready to merge the document with a database table of new owners. You will format the letter and the Quick Start Guide to produce a mailing that is both attractive and informative.\n\nInstructions:\n\nFor the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:\n\nStep\n\nInstructions\n\nPoints Possible\n\n1\n\nStart Word. Open the downloaded document EX16\\_WD\\_VOL1\\_GRADER\\_CAP\\_HW - Travel.docx. Save the file as EX16\\_WD\\_VOL1\\_GRADER\\_CAP\\_HW - Travel\\_LastFirst. You may notice some spelling errors and will correct them later in this exercise. Ensure that all markup is shown. Track changes should not be on.\n\n0.000\n\n2\n\nYou will find a comment on page 2 of the document. Read and act on the comment. There is no need to reply to the comment; just take the action required. Delete the comment from the document.\n\n8.000\n\n3\n\nSelect all text from Welcome to the Club! on page 2 to the end of the document (the Word Art object will be selected as well). Change the line spacing to 1.5 and ensure that the spacing before and after is set to 0. With the text selected, change the font to Georgia with a font size of 12 pt.\n\n10.000\n\n4\n\nAdd solid round bullets to the three paragraphs under the Flexibility heading near the end of page 2, beginning with Experience exotic destinations and ending with Bonus Time.\n\n6.000\n\n5\n\nUse Word’s Spelling & Grammar feature to check for spelling and grammatical errors, ignoring any proposed corrections. Use Word's Thesaurus to replace globally with worldwide in the fourth paragraph on page 2 (beginning with For more than 20 years). \n\n4.000\n\n6\n\nApply Heading 2 style to the following headings, beginning on page 2:\n\nFlexibility\n\nConvenience\n\nAffordability\n\nPurchase Points\n\nPlan Your Vacation\n\nTake Off!\n\n6.000\n\n7\n\nModify the Heading 2 style to include a font color of Orange, Accent 2, Darker 25%.\n\n6.000\n\n8\n\nPlace the insertion point to the left of the heading Purchase Points on page 3. Insert a plain number 1 symbol from the (normal text) font. Insert a plain number 2 symbol at the left of the heading Plan Your Vacation, and a plain number 3 symbol at the left of the heading Take Off! \n\n2.000\n\n9\n\nInsert a center-aligned page number footer. Change the margins on all sides to 1\".\n\n4.000\n\n10\n\nImmediately to the left of The Points System heading on page 4, insert a page break.\n\n3.000\n\n11\n\nPlace the insertion point after the word Team (before the Page Break) at the end of the text on Page 1. Add a Continuous section break at the insertion point. \n\n3.000\n\n12\n\nClick anywhere on page 2 and add a page border. Select a Box border with a color of Orange, Accent 2, Darker 25%. Apply the border to This Section. Accept all other default border settings. \n\n3.000\n\n13\n\nSelect text on pages 5 and 6, beginning with Destinations Plus and ending with Calypso Vacation Services (before the final line in the document). Format the selection in two columns. Center the final paragraph in the document, beginning with For more information.\n\n5.000\n\n14\n\nTo the left of the Destinations Plus heading on Page 5, insert the downloaded picture, Travel.jpg. Set the image height to 0.8\", and wrap text as Tight.\n\n5.000\n\n15\n\nClick immediately to the left of the last line in the document, beginning with For more information. Press ENTER. Click in the new blank paragraph, clear all formatting, and then insert a 3 × 4 table. Merge all cells in the first row and enter the text Bonus Time Reservation Window. Bold and center the entry in row 1.\n\n5.000\n\n16\n\nIn Row 2, Column 2, enter the text La Sonora and Wailaki. In Row 2, Column 3, enter All Other Resorts. In Row 3, enter the text Book Online, 83 days, and 36 days in Columns 1, 2, and 3 respectively. In Row 4, enter the text Call Vacation Services, 80 days, and 32 days in Columns 1, 2, and 3.\n\n4.000\n\n17\n\nShade row 1 with Orange, Accent 2, Darker 25%. Shade the remaining rows with Orange, Accent 2, Lighter 40%. Select the entire table. Select a Pen Color of Orange, Accent 2, Darker 50% and apply the color to Outside Borders. Select a double-underline Line Style and apply it to the border dividing row 1 and row 2. Turn off the Pen tool.\n\n6.000\n\n18\n\nInsert a caption below the second table: Table 2: Bonus Time Reservations. (Do not type the period.) Modify the Caption style to include a font color of Orange, Accent 2, Darker 25%.\n\n4.000\n\n19\n\nMove to the beginning of the document. Begin a new mail merge. Create letters using the current document. The data source is Sheet1 of the downloaded EX16\\_WD\\_VOL1\\_GRADER\\_CAP\\_HW - New Owners.xlsx workbook. On Page 1, in place of the text {Address Block}, insert the merge fields as follows:\n\nFirst\\_Name (Press SPACEBAR)

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