Developing Notes

  • Developing the plan: Tesla Motors Identify strategies;

    Tesla Motors Identify strategies;\n\n ","right":"\n\nDeveloping the plan: Tesla Motors Identify strategies; Discuss strategies used at corporate, business and function levels\n\nusing the concepts learned in the course; Recommend specific strategies and long-term objectives; Recommend procedures for strategy review and evaluation; Use frameworks and tools discussed throughout the course. Internal Environment\n\nStrengths\n\nWeaknesses External Environment\n\nOpportunities\n\nThreats Please note: SWOT Analysis must come first\n\nUsually derived from: Vision, Mission, Objectives, External Evaluation (EFE), Internal Evaluation, (IFE)\n\nCompetitive Profile Matric (CPM) and Past Successful Strategies Using SWOT allows for the following\n\nTOWS Matrix Strengths Opportunities Threats SO\n\nStrategies ST\n\nStrategies Use Strengths Use strengths\n\nto take\n\nto avoid\n\nadvantage of threats\n\nopportunities\n\nWeakness\n\nes"},{"left":"","right

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