Cosmetology Notes

  • Chapter 19 Wigs and Hair Additions

    Human hair will burn slowly, giving off a distinctive odor. A strand of synthetic fiber, on the other hand, will either ball up and melt, extinguishing itself, or it will continue to flame and burn out very quickly (typical of polyester). In either case, it will not give off an odor."},{"left":"Advantages of Human H

  • Chapter 18 Braiding and Braid Extensions

    - Uses no chemicals or dyes, and does not alter the natural curl or coil pattern of the hair.\n\nWhile the origins of natural hair styling are rooted in African-American heritage, people of all ethnicities appreciate its beauty and versatility. In the twenty-first century, natural hair styling has brought a diverse approach to hair care. Natural hair styling can be elaborate, simple, traditional or trendy."},{"left":"Tools for Braidin

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