CBSE 10 Math Notes

  • Polynomials

    A function of the form \n\n[formula]f(x)=anxn+an−1xn−1+.......+a0f(x)=a\\_nx^n+a\\_{n-1}x^{n-1}+.......+a\\_0[/formula] \n\n \n\nwhere [formula]a\\_n\\ne 0[/formula] is a polynomial in x"},{"left":"Degree",

  • 1.1 Linear equations in two Variables

    [formula]2x=8[/formula] : Linear\n\n [formula]3x^2-9x+1=6[/formula] : Quadratic \n\n[formula]-4x^3+2x^2+4x+8=112[/formula] : Cubic\n\n \n\nThese equations has only one [variable](#56bda71cf1f0f4655d78e8a8):[formula] x[/formula]"},{"left":"Examples of linear equations","right":"Linear

  • 1.2 Linear equations in two variables

    ","right":"[formula]3x+2y=10[/formula] is represented by the line\n\n![](\n\n "},{"left"

  • 1.3 Linear equations in two variables

    Two equations have [unique](#56be4fcb52e3791a7afdc0d4) solution if the corresponding [lines](#56cad90160a126cd7d8dfd9b) intersect in one point\n\n \n\n![](\n\n \n\nSince there is only one point that exist on both lines that alone is solution"},{"left":"Infinite s

  • 1.4 Linear equations in two variables

    Two ways of determination\n\n1. Algebraic method\n1. [Graphical method](#56cadc446530e98a07075477)"},{"left":"Algebraic method","righ

  • Quadratic equations

    It is a polynomial equation of order 2\n\nStandard Form: [formula]ax^2+bx+c=0; \\text{ where } a\\ne 0[/formula]\n\n \n\nExample: [formula]3x^2-9x+2=0[/formula]\n\n[formula]x^3-2x^2+19x-3=0[/formula] is [not](#56cd39f47a2519e033d4a57b) a quadratic equation\n\n[formula] (x+1)^3=x^3+2x^2-12x+32[/formula] is a quadratic equation as it becomes [formula]x^2+15x-31=0[/formula]"},{"left":"Solution

  • Arithmetic progressions

    A sequence of number following a pattern.\n\nThree types\n\n1. Arithmetic Progression\n1. Geometric Progression\n1. Harmonic Progression"},{"left":"Arithmetic

  • Probability

    It is a measure of likelihood that an event will occur"},{"left":"Event","

  • Co-ordinate Geomentry

    Study of geometry using co-ordinate system\n\n \n\nThe co-ordinate system used here has two axes: x and y"},{"left":"Abscissa

  • Triangles

    Two figures are similar of they are of same shape \n\nThe ratios of the lengths of their corresponding sides are equal\n\n \n\n![56ce9fe468bbb16e5cc1deea](\n\n \n\n \n\nAll circles are similar figures"},{"left":"Congruent fig

  • Circles

    It is a collection of all points in a plane which are at a [constant distance](#56cebf2c68bbb16e5cc1def1) from a fixed point.\n\n \n\nIt is a polygon with infinite sides."},{"left":"Chor

  • Areas Related to Circles

    It is the ratio of circumference of a circle to its diameter\n\nIt is one of the most popular irrational numbers"},{"left":"Circumference","right":"[formula]\\f

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