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  • Unit 2:internet and careers

    1. the internet is forever\n1. don't put personal information online\n1. don't forget about phone safety\n1. handle hacking intelligently![](https://s3.amazonaws.com/classmint.img/ab445ff9-f3f5-4392-9b0a-bc09713edfc3.png)\n\n \n\n "},{"left":"what is a cookie","right":"a tracking device used to keep

  • title: Unit 2: Internet and Careers

    What is a Digital Footprints?","r

  • Unit 2 Internet and Careers

    Tip \\#1: The internet is forever.Tip \\#2: Don't put personal information an line.Tip \\#3: Don't forget about smart phone safety.Tip \\#4:Handle hacking intelligently."},{"left":"What is a cookie ","right":"It is a tracking device.

  • Title: Unit 2: Internet and careers

    What is a cookie?","right":"A cookie is a tracking device/tool for advertising. "},{"left":"What is a digital footprint?","right":"A data trail left from interactions on a device!"},{"left":"W

  • Unit 2: Internet and Careers

    1.The internet is forever, anything you put on the internet can be there until you have grandchildren. 2. Don't put personal information on the internet. 3.Don't forget about smartphone safety; don't accept phone calls from unknown number. 4. Handle hacking intelligently; change your password, make it unpredictable. ![](https://s3.amazonaws.com/classmint.img/73cd9e94-9509-4c45-b2cb-6b6d86e70c36.jpeg)"},{"left":"What is a cookie?","right":"A tracking dev

  • Unit 2: Internet and Careers

    What to do if being hacked?\n\nWhat to do if being syiber bullied?","right":"If you are being hacked you need to change your password and delete the old one so they cant syiber bully you any more.\n\nIf you are being

  • Unit 2: Internet and Careers

    1:If you post something on the internet it stays.![](https://s3.amazonaws.com/classmint.img/ad1aa10d-3e21-4fd7-8b92-9bd3fdb2708f.jpeg)\n\n2: Don't put personal things on the internet.\n\n3: Don't forget about smart phone safety.\n\n4: Keep page with a good password"},{"left":"What

  • internet safety

    1.The internet is forever.\n2.Dont put personal information online.\n3.Dont answer phone calls from strangers.\n4.Handle hacking intelligently.\n\n![](https://s3.amazonaws.com/classmint.img/cbb8ad08-61b7-4e55-b603-f284f8e60042.jpeg)"},{"left":"what is a cookie? ","right":"A tracking device use

  • Digital Footprint

    You can log-out of every site you use. Also delete your cookies, and go into your tools bar and click privet browsing!"},{"left":"

  • Rules of the Road

    first guard your privacy, protect your reputation , assume everyone is watching, apply the golden rules, be smart and safe"},{"left":"What are 5 more rules of the ro

  • Title: Unit 2 Internet

    Tip 1: the internet is forever.\n\nTip 2: Do not put personal information on the internet online.\n\nTip 3: Do not forget about phone safety.\n\nTip 4:Handling hacking intelligently."},{"left":"What is cookie","right":"th

  • Unit 2: Internet and Careers

    /s3.amazonaws.com/classmint.img/f98b9f5c-b57c-4404-a201-399368fba478.png)![](https://s3.amazonaws.com/classmint.img/5dc82587-6b49-4a12-80fe-19532660aa6e.png)"},{"left":"What is a Cookie?","right":"A cookie is a packet of data sent by an Internet server to a browser, which is returned by the browser each time i

  • Unit 2: Internet and Careers


  • Unit 2: Internet and Careers

    The internet is forever. Don't put personal information online. Don't forget about phone safety. Handle hacking intelligently."},{"left":"What is a cookie?","right":"Cookies are small files that we

  • Unit 2: Internet and Careers

    What is a cookie?","right":"A cookie is a tracking device used to keep tabs.

  • Unit 2 Internet and Career

    1. Internet is FOREVER!!!\n2. Don't put personal information online. \n3. Don't forget about PHONE SAFETY!\n4. Handle hacking Intelligently![](https://s3.amazonaws.com/classmint.img/622d6367-4f03-4949-81f5-3dda4f727d42.jpg)"},{"left":"What is

  • Unit 2: Internet and Career

    1.The Internet is Foreverrrrrr!\n2.Don't Put Personal Information Online\n3.Don't Forget About PHONE SAFETY\n4.Handle Hacking Intelligently              ![](https://s3.amazonaws.com/classmint.img/cbf8e996-b72d-4dfd-a290-7e6d52f08a41.png)"},{"left":"What is a Cookie?","right":"What businesses use a Tracking

  • Unit 2: Internet and Careers

    What are 5 'rules of the road' that will keep you safe online?","right":"Answe

  • Unit 2: internet and careers

    /www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aydi5JjsjMU)[http://www.iyoutibe.com/watch?v=Ajdi5JjsjMU](http://www.iyoutibe.com/watch?v=Ajdi5JjsjMU)"},{"left":"Question 2. ","right":"A cookie is a tracker on what you do on you![](https://s3.amazonaws.com/classmint.img/b8f9848c-48dd-4141-9fed-9f3aa1653659.png)r phone or internet. [http

  • Cyber Video

    What are some tips to help you keep your account(s) safe after being hacked?"

  • Digital Foot Print

    Ways and methods we use to stay safe."},{"left":"What is a Cookie?","ri

  • Rules Of The Road For KIds

    People say inappropriate netiquette because they believe it is funny at that time."},{"left":"How long can things last on the interne

  • Unit 2: Internet and Careers

    every thing on net is forever"},{"left":"online

  • Internet and Careers

    Never put personal information online, anything you post is foreverrrrr, don't answer unknown text or calls, and lastly if you are hacked change your password to something unpredictable!"},{"left":"What is a cookie?","right":"A tracking device to help trac

  • Internet and careers

    A tracking device to keeps tabs on you."},{"left":"What is a Digi

  • Unit 2:Internet and Careers

    What are the 4 things you need to know about Internet Safety?Question or Keywords ","right":"1.The internet is forever. 2.Don't put personal information online. 3.Don't forget about smart phone safety. 4.Handle hacking intelligently. ![](https://s3.amazonaws.com/classmint.img/f67c98e0-6d01-48a4-b905-dd3e4eb5443e.jpeg) "}

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