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    Tectonic plates scientific theory that describes the large - scale of earth's lithosphere. Moves one inch a year. Heat from the mantle pulls the earth's lithosphere. Trench slab pull ridge convention 700km below the crust convergent: >< divergent: <> subduction: >\\< transform: /\\\\/. \n\nSTEP's 1) define term's. 2) Drew a picture of how the plates move 3) research on why the plates move. 4) we found examples of the different of the movement."},{"left":"Simplifying equations? ","right":"10(

  • College Vocabulary

  • College Vocab

    a financial system that helps u and must be repaid to the government"},{"left":"cou

  • college words

    This is like honors or confirmation to show a person has the required education."},{"left":"Loans","rig

  • College vocabulary handbook

    A type that is given by the financial aid that doesn't have to be paid back."},{"left":"Sch

  • College vocabulary

    a student in the third year of a typical four-year baccalaureate degree program (or one who has earned 60-90 semester credits so far."},{"left":"Prac

  • Sentence Reminders

    EQ ; how will these notes help me with my writing ?\n\nCompound Sentence , contain two independent clauses \n\npunctuated with a comma and a coordinating conjunction ( FANBOYS ) \n\nfor and nor but or yet so \n\nPunctuated with a semicolon (;)\n\nExample the pirate captain lost his treasure map , but he found the buried treasure ."},{"left":"Question or Keywords

  • Socratic seminar

    Participants look for deeper understanding of the topic with complex ideas through rigorous thoughtful dialogue. Asking questions. A leader prompts the use of dialogue. Dialogue is a skill of collaboration that gets groups to higher level thinking."},{"left":"Socrative is not a debate

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