AP World History Notes

  • Chapter 2 Classical Civilization: China

    the decline of the shang dynasty wasn't as hard and dint cause as much chaos as they thought it would. \n\nChinee could build more on the Hwang He.\n\nstressed on the harmony of nature: everything was balanced (by opposites) (ying & yang)\n\naccording to this a person should look for a way called dao:  to relate to his harmony."},{"left":"Pat

  • Chapter 2

    China's isolation helped make a great society. \n\nNo invasions, strong distinctive culture"},{"left":"Dyn

  • Chapter 6

    In the 7th century the followers of the new religion Islam spread from the Arabian Peninsula and began a sequence of conquest and conversion that would forge the first truly global civilization. Muslims works in philosophy, mathematics, literature, and sciences."},{"left":"Des

  • Ch 14 -- The Mongols

    East Asia, north of China, 1000 CE-1200 CE\n\nThe creation of a different empire that changed all of the rules about the known world.\n\n[http://youtu.be/szxPar0BcMo](http://youtu.be/szxPar0BcMo)"},{"left":"Genghis Khan","right":"Orig

  • Chapter 15: The West and the Changing World Balance

    World in 1400 was a fundamental transition. Principal focus is on shifts in the balance of power between civilizations in Asia, Africa, and Europe and the related changes in the nature of international contact."},{"left":"What signaled the period of transition. ","right":"Period

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