A patient Notes

  • A patient has an exaggerated lumbar curve to the lower spine. This would be documented as

    http://assignment.store/products.php?product=A-patient-has-an-exaggerated-lumbar-curve-to-the-lower-spine.-This-would-be-documented-as\n\nA patient has an exaggerated lumbar curve to the lower spine. This would be documented as:\n\nYou note from the patient's history that she has had pain with internal rotation of her right shoulder. \n\nThis will most likely affect which of the following activities?\n\nFastening her bra behind her back\n\nBrushing the back of her short hair\n\nReaching an item off the top shelf of her closet, over her head.\n\nMopping the floor\n\nTrue or False: When assessing for a patient's response to painful stimuli, the nurse should always begin with the least noxious stimulus first, before proceeding to more painful means..\n\n True\n\n False\n\nA woman brings her 69-year-old husband to the clinic for an evaluation because he has become increasingly forgetful. \n\nWhich of the following would lead the nurse to suspect that the client has Alzheimer's disease? \n\nSelect the one answer that does not indicate that he may have Alzheimer’s disease.\n\n“He took a fall when he was replacing a light bulb last month.”\n\n“He repeats the same story, word for word, over and over again.”\n\n“He got lost walking to the pharmacy around the corner the other day.”\n\n“If I don't tell him when to shower, he won't and will fight me on it.”\n\nThe nurse is participating in a vision-screening program for children age 3 to 10 years. The nurse would expect a child to have 20/20 vision at what age?\n\n6 - 7 years of age.\n\n4 - 5 years of age.\n\n2 - 3 years of age.\n\n1 - 2 years of age.\n\n "},{"left":"","right":""},{"left":"","right":""},{"left":"","right":""}]

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