8.6 - Discussion Notes

  • 8.6 - Discussion: FAA Laws and Regulations

    FAA Laws and Regulations\n\n ","right":"http://assignment.store/products.php?product=8.6-%252d-Discussion%3A-FAA-Laws-and-Regulations\n\n8.6 - Discussion: FAA Laws and Regulations\n\nreplies.\n\nGo back to the FAA Regulations & Policies website (Links to an external site.) that you visited earlier. Follow one of the hyperlinks until you come to some definitive document. First, write out the name of the document (with numbers too, if listed). Second, in a short (50-100 words) paragraph, explain what the legislation is about. Third, in your opinion, is this good legislation? Why? If you think it is not good legislation, why not? \n\nChoose three of your peers' posts, go to the FAA site, and read the document. Then, answer the question: Do you think the writers' opinions about \"good\" or \"not good\" legislation is valid? Why/Why not?\n\nExamine the Online Discussion Rubric to identify the qualities of effective discussion posts. Note: This discussion ends on the last day of this module.\n\nThis topic is closed for comments."},{"left":"","ri

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