Psychology Notes

  • Introduction to Psychology

    - [Columbine H.S. Shooting](#51ff9b8ab7e2b62a15000007)\n- Concerns about the media\n-11 Sept., '01 (9-11)\n- Andrea Yates (drowned her kids)\n- Celebrities behaving badly\n- [Our \"polarized\" world ](#51ff9bf4b7e2b62a15000008)(disagreements)\n- The Tuscon tragedy (1 man shot 17 people)\n\n "},{"left":"Can psychology tell us w

  • The Practice and Profession of Psychology

    - Ph.D \n - 4-6yrs. of grad school\n - Training in theory, research, and clinical settings and applications\n - To be a psychologist, one must be licensed\n- Psy.D \n - Grad school w/ greater focus on applications (such as counseling)\n- M.D. – Psychiatry \n - Attend medical school w/ specialization in [psychiatry](#51ff9db2b7e2b62a1500000a)\n\n "},{"left":"What Ps

  • Research Methods in Psychology

    - [Empiricism](#51fa276197717cb13b000070)- use of observable data or evidence \n - Operational definition\n- Testability- events may be shown to be true or false\n- [Parsimony](#51fa288097717cb13b00007a)- simplicity\n- Determinism- events are lawful and predictable\n- 2 Purposes of Research \n - Basic- Research for the sake of knowledge\n - Applied- research designed to solve a problem\n\n "},{"left":"[Selecting Research Pa

  • Experimental Research Methods

    - [The \"cause\"](#51fa3f5d97717cb13b00009d)\n- [Manipulated ](#51fa400097717cb13b00009e)\n - Forming groups to experiment\n- Non-manipulated \n - Classification or [subject variables](#51fa403c97717cb13b00009f) (called quasi-experimental research) \n - One's self-assignment to a group\n\n "},{"left":"Dependent variable (DV)","right":"- [The \"effect\"]

  • Biopsychology

    []([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([]([](\n\n "},{"left":"Where is the Mind?","right":"- [Dualism](#51fa52f897717cb13b0000a8)- mind & body are separate\n- [Monism](#51fa533c9771

  • Sensation and Perception

  • Vision

    - [Wavelength](#51ffdabfb7e2b62a15000017)\n- [Frequency](#51ffdaf7b7e2b62a15000018)\n- [Amplitude](#51ffdb18b7e2b62a15000019)\n\n "},{"left":"Eyes","right":"-

  • Learning

    [John B. Watson](#520084d9b7e2b62a15000029)","right":"- 1913- The revolution begins! \n - [Anti-Freudian](#5200857fb7e2b62a1500002a), anti-[mentalistic](#52008630b7e2b62a1500002b), and anti-introspection\n-

  • Memory

    Practical issue","right":"- [Recovered memory debate](#5200b480b7e2b62a15000045)\n - Regaining repressed memories after years"},{"left":"Models of Memory","right":"- [Information-pro

  • Intelligence: Processes and Products

    - No agreed upon definition\n - One formal definition is \"the capacity to understand the world, to think rationally, and use resources effectively when faced with a challenge\" – Wechsler\n- Controversy\n - Measurement issues\n - Practical and placement issues\n - Causality (genetics or environment)\n - Policies for education and society\n\n "},{"left":"Organiz

  • Influences on Intelligence

    - Implications of intelligence testing\n - The \"dark side\" of intelligence tests\n- Social Darwinism and the Eugenics movements\n- It is difficult to interpret group differences\n\n "},{"left":"The Role of Genetics/Her

  • The Perinatal and Neonatal Periods

    - \"Easy labor\"\n - Dilation (10cm)\n- \"Hard labor\"\n - Baby is coming out\n- Afterbirth\n - Placenta comes out\n\n "},{"left":"Reflexes","righ

  • Sigmund Freud and Psychoanalysis

    - Born 6 May, 1856 in Moravia\n- Jewish, lower-middle class parents\n- Oldest of 8\n- Father was a strict wool merchant\n- Very loving mother\n - \"Golden Sigi\"\n- Had an MD- Univ. Of Vienna, 1881\n- Married\n - 6 kids\n - Anna was the heir to his theory\n- Differing views of personality\n - Cold, bitter, and rejecting\n - Warm, understanding, and compassionate\n - Neurotic\n- Moved to London in 1938\n- Died 21, Sept., 1939\n\n "},{"left":"Freud in Psychoanalysis",

  • Abnormal Psychology

    - No single agreed upon definition\n- Abnormal behaviors occur along a continuum- from anxiety, depression, disorientation that all people have experienced\n- Psychologists emphasize the characteristics of abnormality\n - Statistical rarity\n - Violations of norms\n - Maladaptive behavior\n - Personal distress\n - The context must also be considered because none of the characteristics alone is sufficient to define abnormal behavior\n\n "},{"left":"Insani

  • Therapy

    - People go for a number of reasons\n- The goal is to bring about some sort of change"},{"left":"Professiona

  • Our Basic Structure: The Nervous System

    Learning about the nervous system helps us know how messages that are sent to the brain cause behavior."},{"left":"What does the nervous system control?","rig

  • Nature vs Nurture

    the study of how the environment and genetics influence you."},{"left":"what are chromosomes?","

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